Department of Justice

Review of Yukon's Police Force

Terms of Reference

Review of Yukon's Police Force terms of reference

Download a PDF of the police review terms of reference .

The Minister of Justice and the Commanding Officer, “M” Division, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, agree to conduct a review of policing in Yukon.

  • Consider measures and make recommendations to better ensure that Yukon’s police force is responsive and accountable to the needs of Yukon citizens;
  • Review how public complaints relating to the RCMP in Yukon are currently dealt with and to make recommendations on any required improvements;
  • Determine the skills that Yukon officers require in order to provide policing services in Yukon communities and make recommendations to enhance training, including the potential for Yukon-based training; 
  • Review the services provided by the RCMP to citizens who are in vulnerable positions, including victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as individuals who are arrested and detained in custody;
  • Identify and build upon successes and best practices in the delivery of policing services to Yukon; and,
  • Review and make recommendations on how best to implement in Yukon the existing RCMP policy on External Investigations and Reviews.

Process and Timelines

An Advisory Committee, co-chaired by the Deputy Minister of Justice, the Commanding Officer, “M” Division, RCMP and the Manager of Justice Programs for CYFN, will be established to support the Review of Yukon’s Police Force.

The terms of reference for the Advisory Committee are listed below.

In partnership with the Advisory Committee, the Co-chairs shall undertake a targeted consultation with Yukoners. The Co-chairs shall submit a written report with recommendations to the Minister no later than September 15, 2010.

Advisory Committee terms of reference

Download a PDF of the Advisory Committee's terms of reference .

Dennis Cooley, Ph.D., Deputy Minister, Department of Justice
Superintendent Peter Clark, Commanding Officer, RCMP “M” Division – Yukon
Simone Arnold, Justice Manager, Council of Yukon First Nations


  • Stuart Whitley, Deputy Minister, Department of Health and Social Services
  • Robert Riches, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Justice
  • Beverly Buckway, President, Association of Yukon Communities
  • Rick Smith, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department Community Services
  • Shauna Curtin, Director, Women’s Directorate
  • Lorraine Netro, First Nation Women’s representative
  • Lois Moorcroft, Coalition of Women’s Organizations representative
  • Inspector Andy Seideman, RCMP “M” Division -Yukon
  • Simone Arnold, Council of Yukon First Nations


The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the Co-Chairs on the strategic direction of the Review of Yukon’s Police Force, including providing input into its engagement strategy and research agenda.

The Advisory Committee will assist the Co-Chairs by

  • identifying issues related to the Review that are of interest to Yukoners,
  • helping to ensure that diverse points of view are taken into account as the review progresses,
  • facilitating and/or undertaking engagement processes on behalf of the Co-Chairs, and,
  • providing advice and input to the Co-Chairs to ensure that the recommendations which are considered in the final report reflect the concerns expressed by Yukoners.

Meeting Schedule

The Advisory Committee will meet as a group on the following schedule:

  • April 30, 2010: kick-off meeting to begin the Review
  • Mid-May, 2010: meeting to review research agenda and engagement strategy
  • Late June, 2010: meeting to review progress of Review
  • Mid- August, 2010: meeting to review and comment on draft final report

It is also expected that individual members of the Advisory Committee will participate in the engagement process by facilitating and/or undertaking meetings with individuals and groups in their networks.