Department of Justice

Review of Yukon's Police Force

How we engaged citizens

The review engaged citizens by holding:

  1. Stakeholder meetings with parties and agencies that work closely with the police or work with clients who frequently come in contact with the police.
  2. Community meetings in Yukon to allow citizens a public venue to respond to the three questions.
  3. Confidential meetings with individuals and groups to allow those individuals who may not feel comfortable responding to the questions in a public setting. If required, these meetings will be moderated by a third party to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.
  4. Phone, email and mail.

Dialogue is a way of beginning to rebuild trust.

Dialogue is designed for situations in which people have different understandings or frames of reference for how they see the world. The purpose of dialogue is to create communication across the differences that separate individuals and groups.

Dialogue is a collaborative process where groups with different understanding of a situation can work together to understand one another’s perspective. Dialogue fosters the trust that is essential to resolving conflict and moving forward towards common solutions.

The Review of Yukon’s Police Force committed to engaging a process of dialogue with Yukoners to collaboratively develop solutions that will encourage trust between citizens and the police force. Through a process of dialogue, we hoped to

  • Listen and learn about each other;
  • Promote respect for each other;
  • Build relationships among individuals and agencies; and,
  • Develop solutions together that will contribute to public safety.